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Our family of 6 (dad Adam, mom Sherry, big sister Abby and little brothers Isaac and Brady -- who was born on December 14, 2010) joined the ranks of pediatric cancer fighters when our 4-year old son Logan was diagnosed with a dangerous and highly malignant form of brain cancer in mid-August 2010. Logan's cancer journey began abruptly on Sunday, August 15, when his right eye suddenly turned inward during dinner. Twenty-four hours later, we were checking into Children's Hospital Oakland and finding out that life sometimes takes you places you'd never, ever imagine yourself going.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The First MRI.... 10/25/10

I'm just sitting here on the window seat in Logan's room decompressing so I can drive home in a bit. It's taken me a while to get my hands to stop shaking long enough to type.

Dr. T came by with the MRI read about 30 minutes ago. Of course, Adam had gone down to the cafeteria to get us some food 10 minutes earlier. (Doesn't it always happen that way?) He said he could just start talking to me alone, but I held him off, noting that I was in the middle of a contraction just from seeing him. (Total truth, too.) Adam got back a minute later and Dr. T delivered the news:

The smaller masses are notably smaller, and the big mass is about 50% smaller than it was. So in a nutshell, it's responded extremely well to the chemo. The neurosurgeon looked at the scans and was confident he could get the small masses, but not the large one yet because of its awkward new shape. (So for the time being, we're moving ahead with just chemo; surgery may be an option after cycle 4.) He described it as a sausage, flatter and shorter from end to end than it initially was. Dr. T was very pleased with the results and said that they were as good as he might have hoped for.

We're on for the stem cell harvest tomorrow because his numbers were great, so that's scheduled to start in the morning at about 8. He's likely to be discharged on Wednesday, and as long as his numbers stay good, he'll come back as early as next Tuesday to start round 3. So even after all of the horribleness of the past week, he'll still likely be ONLY a week behind. How amazing is THAT?

I just know I'm going to be bawling my eyes out the entire way home, so it's a good thing that Abby and Isaac are going to spend the night with Adam's parents!

Thank you for ALL of your prayers. They're SO working. Please don't stop until we're all clear and then for two years after that! Moving mountains, walking on water, destroying tumors... anything can happen!

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