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Our family of 6 (dad Adam, mom Sherry, big sister Abby and little brothers Isaac and Brady -- who was born on December 14, 2010) joined the ranks of pediatric cancer fighters when our 4-year old son Logan was diagnosed with a dangerous and highly malignant form of brain cancer in mid-August 2010. Logan's cancer journey began abruptly on Sunday, August 15, when his right eye suddenly turned inward during dinner. Twenty-four hours later, we were checking into Children's Hospital Oakland and finding out that life sometimes takes you places you'd never, ever imagine yourself going.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Into August

There's certainly something to be said for stillness, for restfulness, and for not feeling compelled to update you all every single day.

Things are, for the most part, fine. Logan, Brady and I took an unscheduled trip to CHO on Monday morning after I was unable to get his line to draw blood, but naturally the second the nurse tried, it flowed like water from a faucet. I felt like an idiot --really worse, incompetent-- but at least it was a short trip and didn't involve the drawn out process of having a TPA. So there was a blessing there even amid the unplanned trip.

The rest of the week has really been a mish-mash of playing here at home. Lots of dancing, playing catch and duck duck goose, reading. Just usual kid-stuff that my kids were denied for nearly a year. We've all been battling a sort of mini-cold; poor Brady seemed to get the worst of it, and Logan and I were also affected, but it wasn't serious enough to stop Logan from his ear tube placement on Tuesday. The procedure went off without a hitch. Of course, it seems like absolutely nothing at all to us, given that he's been through neurosurgery three times now, but as we've learned, anything can happen at any time, so it's always good to be covered in prayer. So a big thank you to those of you who saw my Facebook status and lifted him up. Since Tuesday, his right ear has drained a tremendous amount of fluid; seeing the constant stream of liquid makes me realize how it must've impacted his ability to hear. He doesn't like the leaking sensation at all, though, which is something of a challenge. I feel badly for him, but obviously there's not a lot I can do to make it feel better. It is what it is, after all.

As far as prayer requests go, I feel like I should lay out several. So here goes. One, please, as always, continue to pray for healing, complete health and protection for Logan. Two, please pray for the health of the rest of our family. Three, please pray for the coming transitions as school starts up again in three weeks; Abby will be in second grade, while Isaac will head to preschool for the first time. Four, please pray for peace and faith for us as the anniversary of our first faltering steps along this road approaches. We're just a few weeks away from that day and I'm not sure how I'll feel or how I'll react to it. While I'm so grateful that things are calm and that Logan appears to be doing well, I'd be lying if I said that I didn't feel bitterness over all that we've had to endure; over all that he's had to endure.

I'm heading off to sleep now. I thank you for continuing to pray for us and for Logan, and for being a part of his team. Blessings to you.


  1. i am praying for continued stillness for you. you guys are always in our minds.

  2. Always lifting you up with prayers!

  3. So glad the kids are having time to be kids together.